We are manufacturer of HDPFE pipe,HDPE fttings and fusion machinery since 1992. With around 30 years' experience in this industry,with innovation and strong team in R&D, smart joint aims to provide a full solution for the PE pipe joints.
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PP Coated Backing Ring

There are flange connections everywhere in different piping system. Compare to the traditional steel,iron piping system, there is more demand in the plastic piping system in chemical, minning, water, petrol,ect. System.

Nowadays , there are carbon steel, stainless steel, ductil iron, Each type. There are some restrictions. Smart Joint developped a new PP reinforced, PP Coated steel backing ring together with smart joint full range for plastic stub ends in EN,ISO,South African, Australian, USA standard. We hope to offer customer a better and more economic packages.

PP/Steel Flange Backing Rings are designed to provide a low cost,chemically-resistant alternative to traditional galvanized and other type coated steel backing rings. The steel core provides strength and rigidity while the PP with fiber reinforced material over-molding allows for good chemical resistance. PP/Steel flange backing rings provide a complete and cost-effective solution for superior protection against highly corrosive applications.


PP coated steel backing ring:

Material:PP(Glass Fiber Reinforced)

With Steel Ring UV-resistant. Applicable for outside applications

Standard: ISO 7005, EN1092, BS 4504, DIN2501, ANSI150

Size:20mm to 630mm/1/2”-24”

Pressure: PN16 & PN10 & 150 PSI







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