Smart Joint PERT II pre-insulated pipe
Smart Joint produces the pre-insulated pipe one time, ensuing the good insulation quality and saving the pipe cost.
Smart Joint PERT II Electrofusion Fitting
Smart Joint produce a full range of PERT electrofusion fittings including coupler, reducer, tee, elbow, end cap, thread tee and thread cross.
Smart Joint PERT II Butt Fusion Fittings
Smart Joint can supply a whole range of PE-RT II butt fusion fittings including thread adaptor,reducer,tees,elbow, Flange stub,Ball valves.
Smart Joint PERT II Threaded Adaptor
Threaded fittings are a quick and easy way to connect various types of metallic pipes to PE-RT pipe systems.
Smart Joint PERT II Ball Valve
Depending on the requested pressure rating, the valves are available with SDR11 or SDR 17 spigot ends.
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